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      Anyone have a working SDCARD interface done ? I am looking for a datalogger


      solution, and do not want to re-invent the wheel on this. Looking for a drop in code






      I am aware of the SDCARD module that used to be in Designer that was yanked due


      to errors, bugs.




      Again I do not want to "work" this out, this is a need for an immeadiate need for a


      working design. 29466 would be great, but I can adapt from other PSOC 1 with minimal


      effort (or so I think).




      Regards, Dana.

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                  Hi Dana   
          Minimal Effort, It is a good borne in mind   
          Recently, I saw an article trying SD with 29466   
          And got good work, I will be search it.   
          Also, I have SD but that is PSoC3 base.   
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                    No longer I didn't find the article and there is a zip or not.   
            As you know, the SD Card Module Evaluation Kit: CY3210-SDCARD   
            that has no zip but has many pdf.   
            Ain't that help for you?   
            Anyway, It is not need effort   
            If you can be implement the emFile lib.   
            then almost work is end.   
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              I have the 3210 kit, not usable, do NOT want to engineer it


              or any other solution.




              Just want a working solution someone else has running.




              Regards, Dana.