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    CY62148EV30 schematic check

       hi i want to put CY62148EV30 in power down when i am on battery i have drawn schematic please check this and let me know where i am wrong .


      thanks for your help



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          CY62148EV30 is a Single Chip Enable device.


          Ball A3 ( connected to Battery Backup ) is an NC for CY62148EV30 part.


          To Put the device in Stand by mode (Power down mode), the CE# pin has to be de-asserted.


          Once CE# pin is High, Vcc (Battery voltage which will eventually power V_Backup) for SRAM can go down as low as VCCDR ( 1.5V) and SRAM will be in Power down mode.


          To bring back SRAM in Active mode, Vcc has to come back to Operating Voltage and then CE# can be asserted.


          To maintaining Pin Compatibility, you can connect Ball A3 ( NC internally) To V_Backup








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             thanks for your reply i am using CY62148EV30LL part.


            while putting in Power down mode i put CE1 (PIN G3) High and CE2 (PIN A3) to v_backup .


            I hope in this i will put SRAM in power down mode .

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              Just to restate, CY62148EV30LL is a single Chip enable part..so A3 ball is not connected to chip.


              G3 ball ( CE#) has to be pulled high as you rightly said to put chip in power down mode