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    psoc programmer 3.19

      After few years of programming psoc1 I've downloaded ver.3.19 and latest PD


      After regenerating the code, i'm not able to programm the chip.


      Below is an error:


      Verification of "Protect Area" is FAILED!


      I've never seen this message before


      What may happened?



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          when I updated the programmer my computer don't recognized my miniprog I solve this problems installing the drivers but if is not your problem, have you tried program another chip? 



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                    Hi there   
            I had saw this message, "protect area..."   
            It's happen when cable wiring is not good   
            And take care PSoC's Vdd,   
            Try reset mode and power cycle mode   
            And try another USB Hub point where you can connect.   
            (USB voltage is a bit of different upon every Hub points)   
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              It mostly is a problem with the hardware (physical connections from programmer to chip, or problem with the chip itself) than the software. If you're in doubt, can you please try programming with an older version (last good version that you've used) to confirm the issue? Thanks.