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    Where can i get another one chip of CY8C28000 for my CY8CKIT-001 developement KIT?

      thank you,sir or madam:


      i got a problem in using the CY8KIT-001 when i am trying to test how the capsense slider works.


      The CY8C28000 comes to be very hot somehow but it still works,after maybe two hours,the system broke down. I can never program it with my miniprog, no device detected. 


      I've notice that maybe i set the power in PSOC Designer to 3.3V,but i select 5v on the board to be the  pwoer supply of CY8C28000. I don't know if it is the reason.But i need a new CY8C28000 badly.


      how can i get another one chip of CY8C28000? I've read that this chip is just for debuging, not for production,but i really need one to make the CY8CKIT-001 Developemnt KIT work again.


      My e-mail address are: fine_young@126.com or 2313232916@qq.com


      Thanks in addvance for your help.