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    FX2LP Slave FIFO EP8 in AUTOOUT.



      I'm trying to use the synchronous Slave FIFO from the FPGA. 


      FX2LP configuration is as follows: 


      EP2 - AUTOIN 16bit 1k * 3x buff. 


      EP8 - AUTOOUT 16bit 512b * 2x buff. 


      I am sending data through CyConsole. The packet in EP8 - sent without errors (more than two packet). This means that the FIFO is emptied regularly (SLOE and SLRD - active, FIFOADDR = 11, SLCS # - not used). FlagB is configured as "empty fifo". When sending a packet - flagB changes. The packet comes in a FIFO. Then the FIFO is emptied again and FlagB changes again. 


      However, I do not see any data sent on the bus FD [0-15]. 


       Instead, the bus exhibited values 0xFFFF. 


      how to explain this situation???




      P.S. FD [0-15] bus - working. I configured it as an IO-port and saw the correct values on the chip legs FX2LP....

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           described configuration - running!!!


          ......After dancing with a tambourine.


          EP2CFG = bmEP_CFG_ACTIVE | bmEP_CFG_IN | bmEP_CFG_BUILK | bmEP_CFG_1K | bmEP_CFG_BUFx3;




          EP4CFG =  (EP4CFG & 0x7F);




          EP6CFG = bmEP_CFG_ACTIVE | bmEP_CFG_IN | bmEP_CFG_BUILK | bmEP_CFG_512 | bmEP_CFG_BUFx3 ;




          EP6CFG = (EP6CFG & 0x7F);//--------------reset EP_CFG_ACTIVE only after set. 







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             Thanks for updating!