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    ADC reading ripple dissapears when programmer connected to board

              Hi, I have a prototype etched board. I have two PSoC 29466 which comunícate with each other and then one of them sends that two the computer over bluetooth. Both PSoC are Reading different ADC channels using a DualADC. So far everything Works fine but we have found a problema. The ADC readings are plotted in a graph in real time and we can see a ripple in the readings. It is about 50mv to 100 mV. We want to remove this undesired effect and we have found that when whe leave the MiniProg 1 programmer conected to the programming header of one of the PSoC, the ripple dissapears. The programmer isn't supplying power. The power comes from a 5V DC Wall adapter which then is converted to 3.3V through a regulator. Everything is working at 3.3V. Does anyone have any idea of what can be causing the ripple?