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    Silicon Errata for PSoC 5LP?



      I am new to PSoC and one of the first things I look at when starting with a new chip is the silicon errata.


      So far I was not able to find such a document and this is somehow strange because it is a very complex chip.


      Does such a document exist for PSoC 5LP? Thank you in advance.


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          Each release of Creator has in its documentation folder, "Help",


          "Documentation", Relase Notes and Known Problems & Solutions






          That is not, however, what I would consider full silicon errata.




          You might post a tech case at -








          “Technical Support”


          “Create a MyCase”




          and ask for it.




          Regards, Dana.



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            Thank you for the reply. I will ask support for the errata.




            I like PSoC but now I ask myself if it is really considered for professional use. For any serious chip I know silicon errata exists on the manufacturers website and is regularly updated.




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              When you look back at the history of the PSoC5 chip you will notice a long list of erratas for the PSoC5.


              All of those bugs have been successfully corrected for PSoC5 LP (some people say: the LP is the PSoC5 as it should have been). As far as I know there are no hardware issues detected by now. There have been some bugs reported (and some cvorrected) for the software which is updated more frequently than silicon.





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                 Hello Anguel,


                I don't have the habit of looking for errata of the chip straight away until and unless I find any defects. But whenever I tried to work with any of the components of the PSoC 3/4/5LP I look at the datasheet for the component. This datasheet at the end has what the changes or the fixes the new version of the component has went through. There are fixes in every version of the component and every version of the creator released. 


                The major are related to either the API support or related to the firmware but some are for the hardware as well.


                Please do check them as well. I am not sure whteher you or anyone in the forum considers this as "ERRATA"


                Hope this helps!!

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                   Hello Anguel,


                  I tried looking for the errata but for vain. Did you file a tech support case? Did you get any info regarding the errata?

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                            Thank you all for the replies. Support told me that there is no errata (or at least no official). They told me to contact them if I have some problems with the chip... Regards, Anguel