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    Use 12V Power Supply with PSoC 1

       I have a 12V 2amp power supply I am using to power my circuit and the PSoC. The PSoC has power


      (red power led on) but I was wondering how I can toggle the PSoC on and off instead of using the computer power and toggle button. Otherwise when I use the power supply the PSoC does not run but LED indicates it has power.







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                  Hi Hudy10   
          DO NOT USE +12V POWER TO THE PSOC1 !!!   
          Your PSoC maybe burned out already   
          LED was lit even so, LED is alive but ...   
          Use voltage regulator IC   
          Look this application circuit   
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            When you have got a 3210 PSoC Eval1 Development Kit you may power the board with the included 12V power supply since it has got an internal regulator for 3.3V and 5V. Check the board's jumper settings. On some occations my LCD did not work when I connected the supply, so check with a self-written LED-blinking program whether the PSoC is running.


            As PSoC73 already told, the maximum voltage that might be applied directly to a PSoC1 device is 5V and any voltage above will surely kill the chip.





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              If you are using PSOCeval1 board, or for that matter any board,  be


              aware that even though there is a regulator onboard it has thermal


              limitations hence how much power it can deliver. Compounted by


              fact only heat sinking for it is foil area on the board, if it does not have


              a sepaeate heatsink.




              The good news is trhe LM317M is short circuit and thermaly protected,


              so if you do exceed its ratings it should take care of itself. Except of course for


              excessive HV at the input.




              Regards, Dana.

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                 On the user guide it says:


                Just an FYI I am using the DC wall adapter and  on the user guide it says I can do this because it has an on board voltage regulator. I am not connecting anything to the VCC sockets of the J5 connector so which is rated at the 5V max so my PSoC is not damaged and works correctly. It's just that when I program my unit it will not work without me using the mini prog to toggle the power.

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                  I may have missed this but what board are you using ?




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    I think I know what you mean. Are you using the Reset Acquire mode? If you are using external power (Not using your miniprog to supply power) you have to use the Reset Acquire mode, if you use Power Cycle the miniprog will turn his power off and wait until there is no power in the board so when the miniprog applies power again it can be reprogrammed. Since you use an external power supply the power will always be there and the miniprog will wait forever. 


                    If you use the reset acquire mode it will just use the XRES pin to reset the PSoC and then program it.


                    Maybe it is not what you are looking for but I think that is your problem.







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                       I am not sure what the reset acquire mode is. I tested the LED blinky project and it works with the DC powersupply just the LCD does not just as you said Dana. I am unsure but I am using the PSoC 1 Eval Kit with the CY8C29466-24PXI.

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                         Or rather Bob you are correct! Is there anyway I can get the LCD working with the external power supply as well?



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                          When I received my PSoC Eval1 Kit I realized at once that the LCD did not work with the Power supply because I got an ICE-Cube that powered the board differently. To be honest I did not investigate further but I suspect that it might have something to do with the main power rating of 230V. So I sometimes use the Miniprog and sometimes the ICE to power the board.




                          If I would take the time to investigate I would at first check the voltages for ripple with a scope, check the level at the LCD-contrast pin and insert programmatically a long (1s) delay between power up of the board and initializing the LCD.





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                            This might apply -










                            As far as a delay the 44780 controller on LCD it is speced at 10 mS,


                            maybe PSOC APIs need some additional delay.




                            Regards, Dana.

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                              Measure the voltage at TP3 on your 3210-Kit. When it is ~3.3V remove the jumper at JP3.





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                                 It kind of worked but still is a bit glitchy. I jsut decided to but the 3.3V LCD hopefully that fixes it. Thanks!