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    What is ‘FMEA Cp Range test’ parameter available within CapSense user modules and how to use it?

       The FMEA acronym is short for Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. This is analysis methodology used to detect the failure and take the appropriate action to avoid the malfunctioning of the device or system. 

           Pre requisits for the use of the CapSense FMEA functionality.   
           1: CapSense system operates normally under nominal conditions.   
           2: The parasitic capacitance of each of the sensor (Cp) is within the range of 5-45pf.   
           Enabling ‘FMEA Cp Range test’ parameter in the PSoC Component will generate and include an API within the PSoC project to calculate the Cp for the capacitive sensors.  When this API is called periodically within the user application code, the API tests if the sensors Cp is still within the valid capacitance range.  If the Cp is no longer within the valid range the application code can then take the appropriate action for this system parameter change and continued safe operation.   
           Significant Cp variations in the system occur when the physical construction of the sensor has changed due to; potential sources such as; mechanical failure or tampering etc.
           If(CSD_GetSnsParasiticCapacitance(sensor_no) > 45)   
           //set the waning flag to take appropriate action