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    Brownout detection PSoC 4




      I am fairly new to watchdog and brownout detection. I have a prototype project running on a PSoC 4, and in the case of a brown out I have to be able to respond in the following way:


      Input voltage drops under 3 V --> 


      Send 'turn off' command to appropiat chip -->


      Wait ~3 seconds before checking that the input voltage has stabalized at >3 V-->


      If the input voltage is still < 3 V wait for another ~3 seconds -->


      Else if input voltage > 3V reset PSoC board


      From what i can see I should be able to use CySysLvdEnable(CY_LVD_TRESHOLD_3_00_V) to detect the input voltage drop. However it does not seem to reset as expected. Could someone nudge me in the right way of how to implement the above flow?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      All the Best,



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