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    How do I upgrade firmware?

      WiConnect is an easy to use API built on top of WICED available on all ACKme Networks modules

      Having the latest firmware on your module is key to ensuring you are evaluating the latest feature set available in WiConnect.

      The reference manual for WiConnect can be found here: http://wiconnect.ack.me


      Upgrading firmware is very straight forward

      1. Open your terminal emulator (such as Teraterm)
      2. Configure the terminal emulator's serial port (115200, 8, n, 1)
      3. Configure the terminal emulator's terminal (CR+LF)
      4. Configure the network setting if not already done <setup cmd>
      5. Initiate the OTA update (Over the Air) <ota>


      ota upgrade success.png



      Full graphic available at <Click Here>




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