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    EXAMPLES and SAVING in Creator: what is ...


      In Creator 2.1, what is a good way to have a whole project (workspace?) saved to a particular folder?


      Can I save a copy later in a different folder/location? How?


      If I create a component, is it available in CREATOR for me to use in a future/different project?


      If I do not have DEV KIT CD's, how can I (or can I?) load example projects so CREATOR shows them under Examples and Kits on the Start Page?


      Sometimes I seem to have two projects open at the same time... and if I want to copy some code from main.c(X) to main.c(Y) that is ok... Can I close the workspace on each and all is right with the world? I ask because sometimes I can not find one of the files (easily). By the way, sometimes I get two copies of CREATOR open at the same time in these scenerios.


      In getting example projects, CREATOR confuses me sometimes when I go to reopen one (that I assumed had been saved) and asks me if I want to write over it....


      So, what is a good way to keep it all organized? Originals (from you or me), Modified versions, Components (for use in other projects) and Experimental versions (ie saving under a different name).




      Tim Miner