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    PSOC Creator CY Boot Error



      I'm using the latest PSOC Creator with CY8C5868LTI-LP039. When I try compiling a program I keep getting these two errors:


      Error in component: cy_boot. The cy_boot_v3_10 component (cy_boot) is an Obsolete component. It is no longer recommended for use and should be replaced with a production version of the component (or an alternative implementation).


      CyDsFit aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rerun CyDsFit.


      How to fix this?





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          Take a look at this - www.cypress.com/ and on this page it shows -




          Beginning with PSoC Creator 2.1, the bootloader system has been reorganized to provide more configuration options. In previous releases, the bootloader system was part of the cy_boot component (a required component that is automatically and invisibly instantiated in all designs). From PSoC  Creator 2.1 onwards the bootloader component is separated from cy_boot component and is available as a separate component in component catalogue. Please refer by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_1" style="text-decoration:underline" href="/?rID=57561#">Chapter11.Bootloader Migration’ in System Reference Guide (Help>Documentation>System Reference) to know  how to migrate your older versions of bootloader/bootloadable projects to PSoC Creator 2.1.




          System Reference Guide under Creator documenation seems to be answer.




          Regards, Dana.

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             ok Thank You


            The issue was solved when i manually downloaded the updated version of cy_boot.


            Also, the problem at hand was only for PSOC5 LP projects

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               I seem to be having a similar problem. I don't understand the solution.


              I have the new CY8CKITR-050 PSOC 5LP kit and I tried an example.


              The example came with the kit on the CD.  I don't know where to find the invisible Cy_boot 


              component. Please help.

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                 You can update the bootloader component (and all the older version of the components in PSoC Creator) by right-clicking on the workspace name in the "Wrokspace Explorer" window and selecting "update components".(Or select Project > Update Components) Select the latest version of components after clicking "Next" and say finish. This will update all the components in your design to latest versions.

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