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    UM Datasheets


      I used to be able to open a UM Datesheet, as a PDF, in Foxit and extract


      images and content for the datasheet to assist forum users. Now that


      seems impossible.




      Wondering why there is such a non standard document format in your


      datasheets. Or why Cypress does not offer a reader/tool where one can


      extract content. That would also be useable in programming documentation


      for projects in Designer.




      Foxit is a free pdf editor/reader available on web.




      Regards, Dana.

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           Hi Dana,  




          I'm using Nitro Reader (a different free pdf tool) and I'm not having any issues extracting images or taking a snapshot (both are tool features).  I just randomly checked the Optical Navigation Datasheet (Designer) and the PSoC 4 Segment LCD (Creator).  Maybe there's a problem with a specific file though... If you let me know one you're having trouble with, I'm happy to try it out.




          Full Disclosure: I did notice that I had an issue just doing a "text/image" select in Nitro and getting an image.  I had no problems with the "Extract Images" or "Snapshot" within the tool.  I also tried an iPad user manual & the free Nitro couldn't pick up images there either so I think that's a tool problem.




          Hope that helps,



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            If I right click UM on route screen for datasheet or go thru help menu


            I just get to html files for the datasheets. So I am confused as to why


            a pdf tool is relevant.




            However if I pick the "go to web for pdf" option then I do find a pdf datasheet.




            So seems like the tool and its support is more complicated then it needs


            to be ? Or is ot just me ?




            I would like to be able to right click a UM in the workspace explorer, or the


            route screen, and have it open up under system defined pdf handler.




            Regards, Dana.




            Regards, Dana.

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              In a conscious effort to shrink the total size of the download, the software team elected to provide user module datasheets only in html form, not html AND pdf as was done before. I will continue to try to get the pdfs done to supplement or replace the html versions.


              ---- Dennis

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                Thanks for the effort, Dana.