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    Simultaneous sampling ADC - FX2LP GPIF interface

       Dear Sirs


      We are trying to implement a GPIF interface for a 8 Channel simultaneous sampling SAR ADC (TI ADS8568)     



      The plan is to use the ADC in parallel interface mode (allow faster sampling) and stream data to a host PC via a FX2LP CY7C68013A-128.     



      Although this is my first approach to USB micros, after reading some documentation available on the Cypress website, I was able to start a GPIF designer.     



      The challenge appeared when trying to implement a single read, I run out of States.      



      As it can be seems on the attached image (or ADS8568 datasheet) after a conversion signal the host must toggle the RD line eight times to gather the data from the 8 channel, but only 6 states are available.     



      Any Ideas?     



      Thanks in advance