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    Bootloader Error with PSoC Creator 3


      Hi! I have a problem with the bootloader component, I have been working with PSoC Creator 2.2 and I used a bootloader for updating my applications, a few days ago I update to PSoC Creator 3 and when I update the components of my Bootloader Application my project just stop working,


      In my application I have a Digital Input Pin named "Boot" , a Bootloader component named "Bootloader" and  a UART component for communicate to the PC with the PSoC. And what I want to do is to initialize the bootloader using a push button when I reset the PSoC.


      My code is this:


      int main()
          /**********    Initialization  **********/


          if((Boot_Read() == 0) || (Bootloader_GET_RUN_TYPE == Bootloader_START_BTLDR)){


              /* Place your application code here. */


      When I build my project a new error appear: 'undefined reference to Bootloader_LaunchApplication" ', I looked for that function in Bootloader.c in the Generated_Source folder and that function is there but I can't use that function because it is Static.


      I tried replacing:








      but it doesn't work, the PSoC just stop working and I can't bootload a new application nor I can´t use the previously loaded application.


      I need to find a way to initialize the Bootloader using a push button when I reset the PSoC, I've been trying writting new code but the bootloader doesn't work like I wish. I hope you can help me