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    Problem with single ended ADC example project CY8CKIT-030

      Hi there,


      I have CY8CKIT-030. I am using PSoC since last 6 months. I have downloaded example of ADC single ended mode. I am using the POT connected on P6[5] for VR. I wanted ADC conversation like this:


      VR = VDDA Adc value = 0xFFFF


      VR= VSSA Adc value = 0x0000


      But when I have set the property window of ADC component for this I am getting wrong values. for VR = VSSA it shows 0xFFF8, and for VR = VDDA it shows 0x01B6, if I changes the POT position slightly above VSSA and below VDDA it gives correct values.


      I have also included ADC_CountsTo_mVolts, but it also shows 4999 when VR = VSSA and 3398 when VR = VDDA. I have tried all modes of buffer, but no luck. I am not getting what i want. Is it like I missing something..?? I am attaching my Project Archive file generated from File---Create Workspace Bundle menu.