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    CY7C68013A  without e2prom  displays unknown device

       I have made a board about CY7C68013A without e2prom a few days ago, and I want to know whether it can work,  so i link it to computer, and  displays unknown device, but I look the properity ,it can display VID as  04B4  PID as 8613, so I ask for help, and somebody tell me that EZ-USB  Interface  under CyConsole software can test whether USB can work, I download ,setup  and find it cann't even find the device, and can't touch any button,butcomputer device manager can read PID and VID, so I guess  if the driver is not right, I read the PDF and do as what it writes, change  cyusb.inf's VID PID , and  link the driver dir to cyusb.sys, but  it still can't find the device, by the way  I try XP and WIN7 both.  So if anybody know how to slove the problem, I will really be appreciated.