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    multi-source storage in SRAM with DMA


       Hi every body,


      We work on a project with a PSOC 5 LP and PSOC Creator 2.2 on Windows 7.


      We have a system with 4 buses of 8 bits of data for each.


      Each byte to store comes respectively of each bus, which are connected to status register named VAL, TIME0,TIME1,TIME2.


      The operating principle is easy, when one or more bit of the VAL byte change, we want to store the 4 bytes of data simultaneously.


      To optimize our storage, we want to store the 4 bytes data of each frame in a simple address of 32 bit of SRAM.


      At the next VAL byte change, the new frame will be store at the next address of SRAM.


      The storage of data in SRAM, would be manage as follow :



      0x20007FFF BYTE N-3BYTE N-2BYTE N-1BYTE N
      0x20000000BYTE 1BYTE 2BYTE 3BYTE 4

      Then, we have to read the SRAM to send by USB the data stored in the same time that we store data.




      The main issue is to store simultaneously each byte when one or more bit of the VAL byte changes or when the timer terminal count is on.


      The other issue is to read the data from SRAM, then to put in USB buffer and finally to manage this frames. 


      Can anyone help us ?     





      Thanks in advance.