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    WICED SDK HTTP Server Locks Up with Multiple Requests.

      Hi All,


      Just wondering if any one has seen this issue before.


      I am running the snip/ping_webserver example provided by the WICED SDK, 2.4.0.

      I am able to receive the web pages and AJAX responses on my browser from the target.

      The problem occurs when I "refresh" the ping web page or open new browser tabs to connect to target, the http server would then stop responding.


      I added some debug statements in http_server.c, http_server_thread_main(),

      one after wiced_tcp_accept() and another after wiced_tcp_receive().


      When multiple requests are made (refreshes on browser, new tabs, etc), the receive() never returned.

      I suspected it's due to "WICED_WAIT_FOREVER" configuration for the time out parameter in wiced_tcp_receive().

      So I tried both 1 and 5 second(s) instead.

      The http server no longer locks up, but performs poorly with multiple requests. (image is not responded, or even the entire page is not served.)


      Information about my environment:

      Version of the WICED SDK: 2.4.0

      Target: SN8200x from MURATA

      Software Stack: ThreadX, NetX_Duo


      Thank you so much for reading through my issue.