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      I want to transmit an audio sign from a PSOC to another. I think i do all assignment related to the datsheets, but on the first Psoc output, i don't find the result expected

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          There is the project with TX modul

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            And the RX modul

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              Btw: this is the PSoC3 forum, but your project seem to belong to the PSoC1...


              Can you try to check with a scope or logic analyzer what really gets transmitted? This will help you to see whether the problem is on the receiving or the transmitting end. You might also connect the transmitter to a PC an check with e.g. RealTerm whether the correct data gets transmitted.

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                You posted in PSOC 3 forum, design is PSOC 1.




                The analog column clock for the DelSig must be same clock as PWM


                portion of delsig, you currently have VC2, VC1 respectively which


                will not allow DelSig to work correctly.




                For Tx properties, set clcksync to "Sync to SysClk"








                Regards, Dana.

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                  Also keep in ming this constraint -




                  The clock rate must be set to eight times the desired bit transmit rate. One data bit is transmitted out every 10 input clocks.




                  Looking at Tx side keep in mind PGA is not R-R, from datasheet -




                  The input and output voltage ranges of the amplifier do not extend to the power supplies (i.e., they are not "rail-to-rail" opamps). The allowed input range is a combination of input limit, output limit, power supply voltage, analog ground value, and selected gain. This is illustrated in the DC and AC Electrical Characteristics section.




                  Also the input range needs to be offset to Vdd/2 for max dynamic range, attached various methods


                  of accomplishing that -




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    Lastly both side TxRx physical layer must be same, so if RS232 you


                    must have level translators on both sides. If TTL direct connection OK.




                    Regards, Dana.