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    Please clarify statements in the datasheet of STK15C88


      In the Datasheet (Revision D, 16th Feb 2012) of STK15C88 in the chapter "Hardware Protect"
      the following text passage ist shown:
       When VCAP < VSWITCH, all externally initiated STORE operations and SRAM WRITEs are inhibited.

      Now i have the following questions:
      1.)  I think that VCAP is the operating voltage at the device. I found no explanation about this
             voltage in the whole datasheet. Am i right?
      2.)  I understand this protection mechanism as follows:
            If an autostore operation is running, no writes from a processor are possible to the SRAM-
            aerea of the device STK15C88. Is this right and what is the reaction of the device in this case?
      3.)  What happens if a write operation is done in the moment when Vcc (mentioned VCAP??)
             passes Vswitch and so initiates an autostore operation while the write is still running?
      Thanks for your answers!