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    Compiler #define question


      Hi every one.!


      I'm tryinng to adapt source code from EZRadioPro from Silicon Lab.  I want to develop code right through PSoC 3 for radio tranceiver module RFM22B,( from HopeRF) which include si4430 chip.


       I have alrready developed code for bidirectional link with ACK and work OK with PSoc 3.


      Now I would like one more step and I would like FHSS modulation( frecuency hopping spread spectrum) , so I can get better answer due to signal multifading .


      Thera are some code from Silicon lab , but  they use   SDCC  and  compiler_defs.h. There are for some global variable declaration such as :      


      " # define SEGMENT_VARIABLE(name, vartype, locsegment) vartype locsegment name "


      My issue is  that I don't known how use the equivalent declaration in PSoc 3 .


      I don't want to copy the code, only I want to understand what does this declartion mean.


      For reference I will paste here a link to take a look  what compiler_defs.h does.




      I hope someone can tell me how use this declaration on PSoC 3




      Thank you very much in advance.