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    Programming errors CY8CKIT-007 with MiniProg3




      Yesterday I bought a CY8CKit-007 and a MiniProg3 at Farnell. I am having trouble programming it.


      Both connected with USB cable and SW1 set to "USB"


      When I try to program (Ctrl-F5) using PSoc Creator 3.0 I get the following error :




      Select Debug Target


      * MiniProg3/1229DD000BF3


         >> (!) PSoc3


      PSoc 3 : This Device was recognized, but PSoc Creator does not support using it at this time.




      I now find out this demokit is not supported anymore, I don't need the practical examples but would like to modify this board for my own software.


      Does someone know a solution to this ?




      Versions :


      - PSoc Creator 3.0


      - MiniProg3 version 2.05 [3.08/2.07] (no need of Upgrade; firmware is up to date according to PSoc Programmer


      - CY8CKIT-007 serial nr "121R-51100 - 0947DG00469"