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    simplest description of ISSP

       hi developers,


                        I am currently involved with designing a PSoC1 based application board. i need to include in system serial programming into the circuit . when i read the ISSP related application notes given here (      http://www.khalus.com.ua/psoc/pdf/modules/ISSP.book.pdf ) and  here CY3207-ISSP Kit - User Guide what i understood is, it is best to implement the reset programming method for in-system /in-circuit programming. and the power to the PSoC IC during in-circuit programming is the same as the Vcc powering the application circuit. can anyone tell me whether what i understood is right?




      i have one more query suppose a previously downloaded application program is running in the PSoC IC (in-circuit) how will  this condition interfere with the programming action initiated by the programmer(since the circuit is powered on and power is common for programmer and the application circuit)?