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      I am using cypress cy7c68013a-100a and driver cyusb.sys in "Cypress Suite USB 3.4.6"
      for win 7 in wlh folder.
      and change .inf file (my .inf is attached)


      and build a board according AN15456 in this address




      When I connect on some PC's running Windows 7, i see "the device is not recognized" and "this device connot start(code10)"!


      I checked my hardware again and again.but i see this error yet


      * i can't find 'tps3820-33' for reset pin so i use a  100k from  reset pin to 3.3v and a 0.1uf to gnd *


      'tps3820-33' is my problem?!!


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer



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          this is my .inf file

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            Can you just look at the device Properties being shown in the device manager and let me know what is the VID/PID being shown there. Is it the expected one? Also you forgot to attach the inf file in your previous post.


            In your board, are you using EEPROM for loading the firmware? Or is it just the default configuration?


            Can you just try out 100k pulled up to 3.3V, 1uF pulled down to ground at the RESET pin and let me know if it has any change.





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              thanks Gayathry for reply to me soon and sorry for my bad english




              -in 'device instance path' in detail ,  i seeing " USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&2BCCD040&0&1"




              i know i should  see   vid\pid :04b4 /8613 !!




              -at first time eeprom was connected  to scl&sda pin but now these pins is connect to 3.3v by 1.1k




              - i connect 100k pulled up to 3.3V, 1uF pulled down to ground at the RESET pin but i can't see any change




              i have some question :




              1)i use 24mhz crystal with two 20pf , i want to know is crystal important in this stage and what is your idea about  use a 24mhz oscillator  instead of crystal?




              2)i use a 'lf33cv' Regulator to 3.3v .is it suitable or i must use LDO (low-dropout regulator) like the LM2937?




              i think is better  know :




              in first time that i plaged in "the device is not recognized" and OS recognized my device to "other device" in device manager and when install my driver ,i don't see any error and driver was installed




              BUT for other time window recognized my device to "usb controller" and i can't install driver and see error !




              maybe it help to you for help to me











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                no body can help me!



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                  Do you mean to say that when you plugged in for the first time, it initially showed up in the Other devices section, and then you were able to install the driver succesfully. In this case, after the successfull installation of the driver, did it show up as the Default FX2LP device with VID/PID of 0x04B4 / 0x8613? 


                  I hope you would have saved the the .tx file with .inf extension before trying to bind. In the failing cases, that is when you are not able to install the driver, what is the status shown in the Driver installation wizard, when it shows up" "Unable to install the driver" ?


                  Is it possible to get a CATC trace / USB trace using some other USB traffic analyzer? 







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                    As long as teh oscillator is able to meet the frquency criteria, that should not be a proble.


                    Even the regulator, I don't think can cause an issue. The preferred pull-ups on the SCL & SDA lines are 2.2k. You can just give it atry using that value. You should use separate pull-ups for both the lines.


                    Also routing of the USB bus is important. Please follow the guidelines in the application note from: http://www.cypress.com/?docID=25406 for a good PDB design.







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                      thank Gayathri for your answer and sorry because of delay my reply
                      this is my schematic .please look at and tell me your suggestion


                      in first time than my device recognized i didnt  check VID/PID and i dont now why and when OS not recognize


                      so i change 1.1k to 2.2k but not any thing happen


                      - i try to usb trace with"USB lyzer" but i see this error : ' Connection Status:Enumeration of device failed'


                      -you can see properties window in this picture:




                      i see in details 


                      hardware ide:    USB\UNKNOWN
                      device instance path : USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&2BCCD040&0&1
                      problem code : 0000000A
                      deriver node strong name : oem11.inf:Device.NTx86:CyUsb:\vid_04b4&pid_8613
                      matching device ld : usb\vid_04b4&pid_8613


                      so please tell me your suggection about  this information and my .inf file 


                      and if you have a schematic or .inf file please send to me


                      thank for your help



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                        As I went through your schematic, I noticed that the crystals are connected between the XTALOUT pin and the CLKOUT pin. It is supposed to be connected between XTALIN and XTALOUT pins. 


                        Also, I wanted to confirm that the pin9(AVCC) is connected to supply. Please try with the capacitors connected only to the AVCC pins, and VCC pins connected directly to supply. Please find the attached figure for the the connection of VCC pins and AVCC pins to supply.







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                          thanks you for prompt and perfect reply


                          i cannected avcc(9,16 pin) to caps and cannected to 3.3v with 47ohm but in OS not any thing happen so i changed resistor with a wire and see usual error(not device recognized)


                          what is your idea about my .inf file .have it any problem?and can you send me your .inf file?(if you have)


                          you tell me in Previous reply routing is important.so do you have any pcb(or schematic)?please send to me


                           thanks alot for spending time for my problem



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                            Did you check your crystal's connection that I had pointed out in my previous response?







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                              it's a good point .but i cannected my crystal truly in my hardware and my mistake is in schematic that send to you(sorry)



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                                Please find the attached inf files. If you are using Win 7 32bit OS, please use cyusb.inf file inside wlh \ x86 folder.


                                If you are using Win7 64bit OS, please use cyusb.inf file inside wlh \ x64 folder.







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                                  Please find the attachment.

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                                     I dont know, why I am  not able to attach the zip file. Trying to attach the inf files as such.

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