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    CY7C67300 bandwidth problem




      I am using Xilinx ML605 board with Cypress CY7C67300. CY7C67300 is configured in standalone mode and communicate with Microblaze (on ML605 FPGA) over HPI. I am using slightly modified demo example de2_app that comes with CY3663 - EZ-OTG / EZ-Host Development Kit http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14316.      



      On PC side I use simple bulk write/read app. I am using this setup to transfer a chunk of data from FPGA to the PC.     



      My achieved bandwidth is 32 Kbytes/s using bulk endpoint with 64 Bytes packet size.     



      Is it best achievable score? Can I use greater packet size up to 512 Byte?     



      According to the document  EZ-Host™ Programmable Embedded USB Host/Peripheral Controller (http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14164) 64 byte/packet is max packet size, and also throughputs over HPI is 16MB/s.     



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          One correction:     



          In previous post I made mistake about configuration mode. It is configured in Hybrid Solution (Standalone and Coprocessor Together) - The OTG-Host products can also operate in a mode where standalone code is running on the OTG-Host and is communicating over the coprocessor interface to an external master.      






          Can I expect more bandwidth improvement with CY7C67300 coprocessor mode?     











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            I am glad to find your post, I am working hard for a project that is some like yours. I want to make the communication between FPGA and 67300 through HPI, then read the data from U-disk which is connected to the EZ-Host port1A, and finally pass the data to FPGA. I have achieved the usb keyboard demo with building a Microblaze PSOC system. But for U-disk, I have been known that there must be a Linux OS in the Microblaze, the Linux OS include USB transaction protocol and host controller driver (HCD). For some another reasons, I don't want to build a Linux OS on the Microblaze, can I come ture this project without Linux OS or  just like the keyboard demo?




            There are another questions I want to ask you. You said that 67300 is configured in Hybrid Solution (Standalone and Coprocessor Together). Is your GPIO30:GPIO31=11 or 00? 


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