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    SD Card based bootloader for PSoC3


      Hey,I've written out a proof-of-concept SD card based bootloader.

      The Bootloader will write a pre-specified file from an attached SD Card(SPI interfaced) to
      the chip's flash,and execute a software reset following that.

      This is actually a stock USB HID bootloader that has been given this extra functionality.After an SD card bootload
      attempt,the bootloader will enumerate as a USB HID too,and can accept the program CYACD file from there as well.
      Hence this extra feature can be added easily to any kind of existing bootloader,or can also function standalone.

      Note that this uses the emFile Component,and hence will need its dependent source files which can be downloaded from http://www.cypress.com/go/comp_emfile

      This code has been tested with the CY8CKIT-030,and the microSD module from www.embeddedmarket.com with PSoC Creator updated to Component Pack 3.


      Find the code here https://github.com/kmmankad/SDBoot


      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


      PSoC Rocks,