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    TCPWM and pin TCPWM3:P

      Hello All,


      I have a simple application and on a CY8C4145 and I have placed some pins as input connected to some as output and a TCPWM component.


      The issue it's that on P1.2 - TCPWM3:P I am getting some incorrect signals.  Pin P1.2 it's tied to a inpout pin (see image) but looks like some other procedure ti's outputting some values there.


      Does anybody has any ideea how it's configured this pin ?


      Another question : on Creator's  Component Catalogue  there are 2 almost simiar Timer Counter TCPWM. One has a pictogram like a tree and the other one like a romb . What would be the difference betweend them ?




      Kind Regards,