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    Interrupt Endpoint w/ C# API



      I have a few questions about the interupt endpoint. Here is my current setup:


      I have my FX2LP configured like so:
      Slave FIFO Mode
      EP2: OUT BULK
      EP6 IN INTERUPT w/ interval of 2


      I have an FPGA that is feeding data into the FX2LP sporadically but at least every 20 ms. I want to get the data to the host as fast as possible so that's why I went with the interupt endpoint. In my C# code I'm using


      bResult = inEndpoint.XferData(ref inData, ref xferLen);


      in a tight loop. I'm under the assumption that XferData will tell the driver to poll every 2 frames and then return the data if there is any. When I run the code I get data for a few seconds but then I start getting error 997 from the endpoint. I try calling inEndpoint.Reset(); when I get an error, but I still seem to keep receiving error 997.

           So my questions are, what does error 997 stand for, and why am I getting error 997? Shouldn't the driver just sit there polling until some data is received?   
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          Just posting an update. I actually switched over to using the async api like the streamer example and now it's working awesome. I still get a failed transfer everyonce in a while though which causes me to miss some important packets. Is there a way to diagnose why I'm getting some failed transfers?