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    Migrating from Creator 2 to Creator3


      We have been doing development with CY8C55 chips, then were forced to go to CY8C58LP chips as the old ones became obsolete.
      Upgrading from Creator2 to 3, we find our old programs, once updated for Creator 3, will no longer run in Creator 2.
      Is there any work round for this?

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          The releases, you can review release notes online for each release of


          Creator, show bug fixes, as well as new capabilities, and modules. Because


          of the former its importent to evaluate the impact on your designs, and either


          update them (and their code) or risk unforseen field failures and incon-


          sistent product performance.




          Unfortunately (or fortunate depending on point of view) technology does


          not stand still, nor do the devices offered nor do the tools stay stagnent.




          There is no easy fix short of buying up all old obsolete stock and using this


          until one runs out of production parts. But the code upgrade is not that difficult


          in general as I think you will find.




          Regards, Dana.

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            The first time you opened your project in Creator 3 you have been asked to update it and create an archive (default: Yes) from the original file. Search for that archive-file which you may still open in Creator 2.