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    Current consumption sending iBeacons - seems to high

      Summary: Current consumption is too high - how can we reduce it?


      Board: BCM920737TAG

      SDK: SDK-


      With firmware that sends 15 iBeacon ADV packets per second, I measure this average current consumption (in mA):


      1.143 +-  0.019 ( 1.124 -  1.162)


      Board Configuration:

      SW2 (regulator input) = USB (regulator is out of picture)

      SW3 (circuit input) = COIN

      SW4 1-4 = OFF (app mode)

      Nothing connected to USB connector.


      Power Connection:

      3V power supply

      V+ to coin cell holder

      V- to GND on 8-pin header



      50 ksamples/second, averaged over several 1 second windows.


      Firmware attached.