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    psoc controller reset in sleepmode

      Hello all,'


      I am using PSOC controller cy8c3244pvi-133


      i am putting it in sleep mode and wakeup only when PICU interrupt occures.


      when it wakes up i start 1msec timer interrupt and set one flag which I use for changing the state in while(1) loop.


      my sleep current is 40usec. and active current is 20mA


      I have noticed that when there is any transition of pins other than external interrupt pins PICU, controller wakes up and current is also increases.


      for this I wrote a code such as if by accident controller wakes up then start 1msec timer interrupt and again go back to sleep but my interrupt is not working and even if I directly put to sleep mode, it is not going to sleep.


      why this is happening?


      please guide.