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    PSoC Creator 3 and Bootloader problems



      I'm developed a project in PSoC Creator  3.0 Component Pack 7 ( and then I wanted to make it bootloadable like I previously did in past.


      I create a new project and I set it as Bootloader project, I put the Bootloader component and the UART one into the project, I set all the parameters (buffer 64 byte), I set the pins TX and RX, ect...


      In the other project I set it as Bootloadable project, I put the Bootloadable component and I set the dependencies.


      Then I programmed the PSoC 5 with the Bootloader project, then with the Bootloader Host in the PSoC Creator I tried to program the cyacd  file of the bootloadable project, but after the process, in the PSoC starts always the bootloader and not the bootloader project.


      I did this procedure in the past and it works well, but now with the PSoC Creator 3 and this new projects it doesn't...can someone helps me please?