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    More than 2 Filters Needed

       Hello PSOC Community!




      I have seen the Filter Componet and it seems to have quite a nifty configuration menu for setting two seperate digital filters quite easily, however, I am wondering what are our options if we need more than 2 filters, and adding external capacitaors to the op-amp inputs is not an option.


      I looked at the DFB data sheet, and it is limited to two seperate input channels, but I was thinking at least using that I could probally come up with some sort of scheme where I would run one set of samples on one channel under one filter, then output the results to main memory, then run the same samples in that same channel under a different filter and output the new results to a different memory location, and repeat the same process for the second channel giving me 4 effective filters.


      Before I spent to long trying to investigate that path, I was wondering what kind of solutions normally come up for this problem? Speed is definitly a concern for my applicaiton.




      Any advice that could be rendered would be greatly appreciated!