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    Problem with HID Bootloader



      I have created a USB HID bootloader project and a bootloadable project for a PSoC5.


      My test bootloadable project is just a PWM which toggles a LED. So far the bootloader works because once I load the bootloadable with the USB bootloader GUI software, I loose the USB device in the PC and the board starts toggling the LED as I configured it in the bootloadable.


      The problem is that when I convert my application program to a bootloadable project and then program it to the PSoC using the bootloader software, it seems to do it but the progress bar never gets to the end. I hear the usb sound as disconnecting but then is connected again so my software never starts but instead stays in the bootloader.


      I don't get any error. I configured the bootloadable with the same dependencies that I used for my first LED test bootloadable application so I don't know what the problem might be. I'm only using 26.2% of Flash and 32.8% of RAM in my application so I don't believe that could be the cause.


      What could be causing this?




      Thank you.

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           Here is a PIC of the bootloader application

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            When you post the complete project here we will be able to check the settings and the source for any inconsistencies. To do so, use Creator 3.0 -> File -> Create Workspace Bundle and attach the resulting archive using ie (chrome still does not work).





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              I can't post the project here since is for work. Could you tell me what should I check?


              I'm trying to make the project again form 0 just adding the parts and the code by parts checking that eveytime I add a part of the application it still can be programmed by bootloader.

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                 Could it have something to do with the USB connection? 


                I've discovered that when I add a UART to the project and then program the board with the bootloader the app doesn't start.


                Then if I add just a timer it works.


                Finally I add only the a couple of ADC's and 8 PWMs and it doesn't work so I'm guessing is because of the size of the program.


                Do you have any idea of what can be the cause?

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                  Then you can post project at Cypress, which is not public domain, by


                  fileing a CASE -








                  To file a tech case -








                  “Technical Support”


                  “Create a MyCase”




                  Regards, Dana

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                    I think I will do that but first I might just try to use a UART bootloader to see if I can be able to update the firmware wirelessly using the on board bluetooth which is working as a serial replacement.


                    Can anyone tell me if the UART bootloader can work at 115200 bps? It seems it can but when I use Cypress UART bootloader software you can only select up to 57600 but you can manually write 115200.

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                       I have had no luck with the UART bootloader using the bluetooth module.


                      I've tried again with the USB but I can't make it work.


                      I've attached the simplest bootloader and bootloadable projects. The bootloadable works just fine if you delete the UART that I've added. I know it works because the LED blinks slower with the bootloadable application and also I loose the USB connection until I reboot the board.


                      There is basically no code so I don't know what the problem can be.


                      I would really appreciate any help.


                      Thank you.

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                        Since this my be useful for someone else I will post the solution.


                        I filed a case and Cypress support team has found the solution.


                        Turns out there is a bug in PSoC Creator.


                        The work arround is easy. You just need to do this:


                        Un-check the option "Store Configuration Data in ECC Memory" available in the 'Systems' tab of the .cydwr file of the Bootloadable project. Now clean and build All projects-> Program Bootloader -> Bootload using the Host Application.


                        I hope it helps.


                        Thanks everyone!

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                          Hi twistx77,


                          I'am also busy with a usb bootloader(able) program. But which host program are you using? I only found PSoC1 usb host program but that is asking for a dld file and not for the .cyacd files.


                          Am I using the wrong host program?


                          Btw also my bootloader led is not flashing while the bootloader starts and stops after 20 seconds, which I customized.


                          I hope you (or someone else) can help me.



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                            You are aware of these example programs in Creator -





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                              Yes I am,


                              I already have a bootloader and a bootloadable project. It seems that they are working (LED is also flashing when bootloader starts) but I could not find a bootloader host program to upload the .cyacd file to my device.


                              The only one I found was a host program for .dld files and that is old stuff I think.  Do you know if here is a ready to use bootloader hostprogram or do I have to make it myself...

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                                Wel I did a much  better search in the Cypress filders and I found a new Bootloader host program.


                                I used it and ...tada.. the file was correctly uploaded to my PSoC 5 project and was working too.


                                Thanks anyway!