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    Which PC don't hide anything?

      For recent Psoc Creator Psoc5 chips don't exist at all.


      Like Cypress has never manufacured them at all.


      Does anyone know which version of PC don't hide it?

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           Creator 2.2?

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            When I understand your post right, "recent" would mean something like a few years since PSoC5 is out in the world for some times and all chips are manufactured by Cypress.




            The actual state is:


            The only chip family supported for new designs is the PSoC 5 LP (mark the LP!) which is as some people say the PSoC5 as it should have been.


            Creator 3.0 service pack 7, but we expect a smaller update within a month or so.




            I would suggest you to start over, download Creator 3 form www.cypress.com/psoccreator/ . Do not forget to read the "Getting Started" section. Then get hands on a development kit, preferrably the CY8CKit -050 www.cypress.com/ .





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              Althogh it doesn't matter, I'm very happy, that older vesions still exist.


              I must must backup them in safe place. I also must memorize the meaning of Psoc5,


              cause it means already sth very different, which I'm not looking forward to.

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                The older projects, designed for other chip, are upgraded  on the fly, modifing the old content, and damaging my work.

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                  There was an archive created when you opened the 2.x project with Creator 3.0. Move (and expand if wanted) the archive to a safe location. Usually there is no work destroyed, I am using mostly Creator 3, but I still maintain some 2.1 projects due to hardware out in the fields.





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                    It's a requirment for us to reproduce the code with another machine for design assurance. So we always keep a copy of PSoC creator on the network.


                    It is a good habit to archieve your project. I make an archieve everyday and save it to network. So the most I lost is one day's work and would be easy to backtrack if needed.

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                      The upgrade of components and Creator are for bug fixes and enhancements.




                      The Compiler and library update in 3.0 will also produce new warnings, errors.




                      Look at the release notes for a better understanding of version changes.










                      Regards, Dana.

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                        There is no archive as I didn't compile anything.


                        Just moved one line , (no comp. update),saved in PC 3.0, when I realized I'm on different chip.


                        Top schematic is lost forever!


                        Unable to open file from disk: (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)


                        I didn't expect, that pc3.0 is going to fix bugs in my good, working well, code.

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                          I didn't expect, either, that Cypress has such excellent persuasive method, to push me into BroadCom hands.

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                            When opening a pre-3.0 project with creator this window is shown. as long as you do not manually disable the archive creation checkbox an archive WILL BE created. I would suggest you to look for that corresponding .zip - file.





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                              If anyone has any trouble moving an older project to Creator 3.0 OR has had difficulty moving from PSoC 5, to PSoC 5LP, please file a technical support case and ask them to add me (mdl@cypress.com) as a collaborator. They should know exactly what that term means.  Feel free to email me for any case which seems stuck.


                              Our software VP is... I was going to say "rabid", but I'll say "passionate", about making the project migration experience painless. This includes 2.X to 3.0 and PSoC 5 to PSoC 5LP.


                              I want to log every occurence and make sure everyone who has problems gets them resolved quickly.  The guys in technical support will be much better than I in helping you with technical problems, but I can clear a log jam.


                              A couple of notes - make sure you read the "Design Impact" section of the release notes (you can find the release notes in the Help->Documentation menu of Creator OR by going to the Creator web page and clicking on the Documentation tab at the bottom).  In 3.0, we switched to the GCC ARM compiler which improves code and data optimization, BUT the unfortunate tradeoff is that you have to update cy_boot component.  Creator should prompt you, it should be automatic, and your design should work just as before.




                              For the record, we will continue to support PSoC Creator 2.2, at least to the point where we will fix any serious bugs, and we will leave it on the website for download.  For those that haven't seen the new "Downloads" page on the Cypress home page, there is a "Pod" with achives of Creator, Designer, Programmer, and the FX3 SDK. The direct link to the Creator archive is http://www.cypress.com/?rID=39551  (It pops up an annoying dialog when you go there, I'm getting that fixed).  At that site are Creator 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and various flavors (service packs) of each.  





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                                sego, as you can see mdl should be able to assist in a significant fashion.




                                You stated "I didn't expect, that pc3.0 is going to fix bugs in my good, working well, code."




                                I cannot emphasize enough, and this includes Broadcom as I was a FAE competitor to them,


                                that ALL vendors fix bugs, both in HW and SW, and release new revisions. That is essential to


                                our industry. Especially in light of the fact many devices now in the millions of gates and


                                no one person knows totally the device, or the compiler for that matter. And of course what


                                vendor can anticipate the totality of all customer applications. None I would posit. In  most


                                instances revisions are customer driven, especially the improvement side. So your case is


                                very importent to Cypress.




                                If you look over this forum there are several "lead" posters helping people, each with an experience


                                set that both overlaps and is unique. As mdl points out, help is available from a number of people


                                inside Cypress, so I would ask don't leave Cypress, you are working with a sound evolving technology.




                                Regards, Dana.