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    28Pin Parts and CharLCD


       Re 28pin ssop parts


      Char LCD needs 7 pins on a port but both port2 and port0 only have 6 pins.


      If R/W is not used then Char LCD can be done with 6pins- 4bits data nibble, E and RS


      Is there a CharLCD library that allow 4 data pins on one port and 2/3pins on another port for control?


      CharLCD can be done on PSoC1 28pin 24/27/28/29 series.


      It would be  nice to do it on a 28pin PSoC4

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          Have a look at this component... www.cypress.com/





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            If you think you might have GPIO resource limitations in your design


            you can always consider an I2C char displays, there are a number of


            vendors offering them. And some of the Arduino/Robot sites have already


            worked up the code for them. This would drop you to 2 pins needed.




            Regards, Dana.

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               But what if I want to use a 28pin PSoC4 to make a smarter/faster i2c LCD display.




              CharLCDmp looks interesting, guess I need to figure out how to port it from PSoC3 8051 to PSoC4 ARM.


              Or I could just read further down:)


              Hmm not so easy,  Example builds/compiles for PSoC3


              Ok,  the trick was to right click on the demo project name and go to device selector and pick the PSoC4.


              Builds and compiles,  now just need to make a PCB and see if it programs

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                It might be easier, faster AND cheaper for you to obtain a Pioneer board from Cypress or Element14 for just $25. "You can get anything you want as Alices..." ahhm Cypress's. Debug capabilities, programmable over USB, Variable inspection, breakpoints.


                Look here: www.cypress.com/



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                   Hi Bob,


                  Got that PSoC4 eval board ages ago.


                   I'm looking at making smart i2c Peripheral PCBs for the Raspberry Pi.


                  Already done a PSoC1 29466 board with LCD, just designed some mini i2c PCBs with the 28445 and 28243.


                  I can program these to be 4ch 14bit ADC or DACs etc




                  Need a smarter i2c peripheral PCB that takes i2c sensors and does some maths on them.


                  Tried with PSoC1, but the 32bit maths is too slow for sensor fusion stuff. 16pin Cortex M4?


                  PSoC4 is 32 bit core and with the CharLCDmp library can also be a LCD display for the Raspberry Pi.


                  With the PWM it might be possible to also do a BLDC gimble camera mount for the RPI.




                  If the TCPWM comes out on the 4000 series then BLDC in a 16pin part?


                  But in the mean time I will have to stay with the 28pin 4245


                  Hanging out for the new apnote Sensorless BLDC


                  Except for the 4ch 14bit ADC in the 28xxx the PSoC4 can replace most of my PSoC1 designs.