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    PSoC 5LP delta-sigma ADC

      I have some questions regarding the CY8C58 series PSoC and analog performance.


      The datasheet claims up to 20 bits resolution on the delta-sigma ADC. Are there any real-world tests to verify that this level of accuracy is actually achievable? The internal reference is 1.024V, which at 20 bits gives 1uV/count. Given that you can route any pin to any function there is potential for both digital noise and analog noise to get coupled into the analog signal to be measured.


      I expect to actually get 20 bits of resolution differential signalling will be required and that the PSoC would have to be quiesced for the duration of the measurement. Is there example code from Cypress which demonstrates how to perform such an accurate ADC measurement? Are there any other tricks or design philosophies which need to be followed to achieve this level of accuracy with the internal delta-sigma ADC?