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    CY7C64215 - Help about reading more than 8 bit data.

       Hi there,


      I have been reading a lot but get a doubt on USB HID data transfers. I'm sending data to the CY7C64215, but the problem is sending more than 8 bits data.


      The function i'm using is USB_bReadOutEP(...), i know this function reads and writes on an array of bytes.


      My question is, on report I can put a report size about 10 bits, how can i read 10 bits at once?. On PC side, when i declare the report size of 10 bits C# shows me more "byte" fields.


      The other question, in case i want to send ADC data (14 bits), to the PC, i was thinking about a report size of 14 bits, and hoping to get 14 bits on the PC side. The solution i worked out was sending the first 8 bits, and then the other 6 bits, concatenate. This is the form it should be? or is something i'm missing?.


      It dont seems like concatenating 8 times for getting a 64 bits data. It's there a form of getting the 14 bits at once?.


      Sorry about the question, i search on forums but dont found anything about reading more than 8 bits data.


      Thanks in advance!

          P.S. The buffer size is 8 bits, does it changes when i put a report size of X bits?. Thanks.