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    psoc5lp programming

      I want to order a CY8CKIT-050B development kit.


      please guide me about this kit


      programming of this kit with USB can be easy  as using a MINIPROG3 ?



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          Yes! Programming and debugging the  KIT-050 is quite the same as working with a MiniProg3. The kit has got two USB-connectors from which one is used to program and debug your project, while the other may used as an USB-connection for your your project, ie. an USBUART component.



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            From ( you can program via board USB or Miniprog3 interface )-










            "The Kit-050 has an onboard programmer/debugger (Cypress USB chip based), which lets you program the PSoC 5 without connecting Miniprog3. This programmer debugs at a speed of 1.5mHz. The kit also allows the user to program and debug using the Miniprog3."




            Regards, Dana.

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               I would go as far as saying that programing it through the USB interface is actually easier than using a miniprog as all you do is connect the usb cable and run the programer/debuger no need to plug an aditional tool or making suer your connectors and voltage levels are right etc and even better it suppports most of the programing/debuging features of the miniprog 3.