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    USBUART does not enumerate com port

      I have a FreeSoc board that utilizes a CU8C5868axi-lp035




      The core of the problem that has been frustating me for hours with no avail is how to see the Psoc as a com port. I have placed the USBUART component, started, initalized as has been posted, but there is never a "new device connected" screen in windows. There is no virtual com port in the device manager, and all that shows up is "dvkprog5"




      What should I be looking at to make a com port visible to my computer? Is there something very simple I'm missing? I have tried the USBUART example code and was unsuccessful as well.




      Any help would be much appreciated!

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          Which FreeSOC board do you use? The FreeSOC Mini doesn't expose the PSoC USB pins to an USB connector, only the FreeSOC Explorer does (AFAICS).


          The USB port you use for debugging is connected only to the debugging circuit, but is not connected to the target PSoC otherwise (except for JTAG or SWD).


          To use USB on the FreeSOC mini, you need to connect an USB connector to the appropriate pins (I didn't look up whether they are available on the board pins or not). Look up the connections in the TRM - maybe you need some additional circuitry.