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    Flying PSoC4


      I was afraid that in a recent post I bit off more than I could chew when I promised HL a "PSoC 4 controlling a quad copter using Calman filters". So I started to build a proof-of-concept which is not ready yet but it turns out that it will really fit. A bit tight, using up most resources, but will fit. Not even Calman, but there is something even better.




      The copter needs controlling 4 motors using a standard rc-interface (1ms to 2ms PWM) and as input a MPX sum-signal. RC-hobbyists know that interfaces.


      When building a radio-controlled-device you will need something to easily control your RC-environmentTo get you acquainted to this matter (and my style of solving problems like that) I bult a device to control directly 4 servos with 4 potentiometers.


      Project runs on Pioneer board or on KIT-049-42xx,