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    developing an external host application with cy8cplc20

       I looked at the application note AN52478 for the cy8cplc10. I am developing a project with cy8cplc20 with an external host samd20 from atmel.  There are functions which are available in low level  such as PLC_I2C_start in plc_i2c  and high level such as PLC_INIT in plc.c.








      When I choose the FSK+network+ I2C option for the plc20, there are limited functions available to me such as plc start and plc poll. I cant add a  hardware i2c block similar to the one in your application since a resource is already present. If I choose the I2C given in the plc20, I can only access limited functions.    






      Could you please guide me on the development of the software. I want to develop the application such that the atmel has control over the plc at higher level. I need to be able to send commands to the plc . i.e- send message, read message change a parameter etc. Would I be able to do this by choosing PLC+network+I2C or should I develop it using a HW block. Could you please advise on this as well.