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    TCPWM Timer Outputs


      I have got problems when I tried to use the outputs of a TCPWM configured as Timer. Measurements revieled that the pulse at the ov-output is just ~45ns wide which is far too small to use it as a trigger for a PWM (UDB-version). It seems that the module internally uses the HFCLK to generate its outputs.


      Is there a trick to lengthen the pulse width without using more internal resources?


      Project attached





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          In DS is this -




          The trigger input enables the operation of the PWM. The functionality of this input is defined
          by the Trigger Mode and Run Mode parameters. After the PWM_Start() API command, the
          PWM is enabled but the counter does not decrement until the trigger condition has occurred.
          For the UDB implementation of the PWM, the trigger input is registered with the input clock
          and so the counter starts one clock after the trigger input is asserted. The trigger condition is
          set with the Trigger Mode parameter. The trigger input is not visible if the parameter is set to
          None. The PWM cannot be triggered with an API call.




          So is sync + trigger delay causing a 2 clock delay in starting , or is nothing starting ?




          Also curious, you sync first PWM trigger, bit not the MPX PWM ?




          Regards, Dana.

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            Syncing was just a try, nothing gets triggered. Logic analyzer picture attached.