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    String to num in PSoC3

      If I send a data from pc to PSoC there is a way to convert that data into int

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          Hi jdbatista,




          it depends on how the data is coded. If the data is always two single bytes, you can simply write the bytes to the proper positions of an int.


          //write directly to the corresponding positions


          unsigned int Test;


          unsigned char MSB, LSB;


          Test = LSB;


          Test |= MSB << 8;




          You can also use unions/structs to create the memory layout for the incoming data, but this depends on the situation.If the data is ASCII coded you should use atoi() functions.









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            And do not forget there are the standard function famiies printf() and scanf() which allows you at both ends to convert your variables to formatted strings and back. have a look here: publications.gbdirect.co.uk/c_book/chapter9/formatted_io.html