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    high speed interrupt on SIO pins

      Hello all,


      I am  using CY8c3244PVI-133 controller for one of my project.


      I am using P12.3 as port pin interrupt. it is digital input pin with rising and falling edge of pulse interrupt detection.


      I am doing testing by giving signal of period 40msec to this pin.


      for this I am using other board which will generate the 40msec signal and I have shorted grounds of my testing board i.e 133 controller and signal generator board.


      I did testing with minimum voltage of 1.9V as supply voltage to CY8C3244PVI-133 board and supply to other board i.e signal generator board is 3.3V.


      after this testing I manually made P12.3 pin high and low by connecting and disconnecting to ground. but it is not able to detect the interrupt. what has gone wrong in this?


      Can I give faster signal at low voltage to this pin?


      Please guide.


      Thank you all