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    sleep timer interval

      Hello all,


      I am  using CY8c3244PVI-133 controller for one of my project.


      I want to generate a signal of 40msec on one of the port pin.


      I designed in such a way that it will generate a signal and again go back to sleep. and wakeup generate a pulse and again back to sleep.


      i.e. sleep->wakeup->high pulse->sleep->wakeup->low pulse->sleep and so on


      I am using sleeptimer and in the isr of sleeptimer I am toggling one port pin.


      If I set sleeptimer interval = 4sec, port pin is high for 2sec and low for 2sec


      If I set sleep timer interval = 2sec then port pin is high for 1sec and low for 1sec


      oscillator for sleep timer is ILO i.e 1KHZ


      Please guide.


      Thank you all