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    Can't change services



      i tested the sample code "heart_rate_monitor" on BCM920732_BLE_KIT and with LightBlue on my mac. Works great.


      So i deleted the last service "UUID_SERVICE_DEVICE_INFORMATION" in the variable blehrm_spar_db_data[] but in LightBlue

      were all services (1801,1800,180D,180A).


      Or with "hello_sensor" i saw with LightBlue the services 1801,1800,180D,180A and the last service UUID_SERVICE_BATTERY (180F) is missing??


      Always the same 4 services 1801,1800,180D,180A. Neither more nor less

      Am I on the completely wrong way?!?

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          LightBlue can be caching services of your paired, or previously connected device.  The simples way would be to change BDADDR of your device.  It can be done in the WICED-Smart-SDK\Platforms\BCM920736\20736_EEPROM.btp. (or 20737 if you are building for 20737 target.  It can be also _SFLASH if your device uses serial flash rather than EEPROM).

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            I think you mean the path: WICED-Smart-SDK\Platforms\BCM920732\20732_EEPROM.btp and the variable DLConfigBD_ADDRBase ="20732A0*****"!

            I changed it to "20732A2*****", download "hello_sensor" and got in LightBlue 1801,1800,1803,1802,1804,180F. ?!?!Why??

            After i changed it to "20732A4*****", download "hello_sensor" and got in LightBlue 1801,1800,1B7E8251-2877-41C3-B46E-CF057C562023,180A,180F. Yeah,....these are the correct services .For a test i changed it to "20732A6*****" and got the correct services again .

            Can you explain me the impact of the DLConfigBD_ADDRBase!?!?

            But if i delete in the "hello_sensor_gatt_database[]" the Battery service, it's still displayed in light blue!?!

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              Sorry, if you are using 20732 your filenames would show 20732.  I was referencing 36/37 and SDK 2.0.

              DLConfigBD_ADDRFALG is Bluetoooth Device Address to be programmed in your device.  The asterisks allows build environment to create a kind of random address.  So that you program 5 different devices on 5 computers the address will be unique.  You can change that to be specific 12 hex digits.  Like 20732A000001, or 00caba1ca99e. 

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                Ok thanks that's very helpful.

                DLConfigFixedBD_ADDRFALG or DLConfigBD_ADDRBase?! I changed always DLConfigBD_ADDRBase.

                I tested it with serveral services and characteristics. E.g. DLConfigBD_ADDRBase is "123456789012" with 5 new different serivces. LightBlue shows all 5 services. All OK. But if i replace/delete one service LightBlue shows the old one. Only when i change the ADDRBase e.g. to "123456789013" i see the new one. I have tested it a few times.

                And if i use a old number i see the services that i tested with this number?! The numbers are stored with the respective services?


                In summary, for me this means when i add/delete a service/characteristic i have to change the DLConfigBD_ADDRBase. Confused! Is that right?!
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                  Ahh i think i found the error/bug whatever....

                  The Macbook stores each connected device. Logically. I found over 30 old connections (all BCM920732 with different adresses) and deleted all.

                  The relation between the ADDR and the services were the old stored connections.

                  When i add a new service/characteristic i musst delete the old stored connection on my Macbook. The services in LightBlue updates only when it sees a new device and start a connection.

                  Now makes all sense except why LightBlue the services not always updated .


                  OK  now I'm happy, thanks a lot...

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                    That's correct.  To work right you either need to change BDADDR of the board when you load a different set of services.  Or make sure that services are not cached on the client side.  This is a test lab problem which never should show up in the field.


                    If your device can really change the GATT database after it has started talking to a client, there is a "standard" way to tell the client about that.