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    what deterioration is expected from exposure of chips after you open the bag?

      I purchased some of the PSoC4 $1 chips in the SSOP package... when received they were nicely packaged and sealed in a single moisture proof bag with probably a desicant... and a warning about using within 168 hrs after opening, etc...


      My question is what kind of problems or issues arise if the chips do get exposed above the limts mentioned..??


      Are they moslty related to production reflow and such?


      I plan to hand solder these onto Schmartboards as need for projects, but I won't be using my entire batch at one time.. using only one or two at a time then storing the balance for future use, etc..  Will I experience solder problems down the line in time with the exposed chips?


      Any tips on storing unused chips once you open the bag..??